Stumble Upon a #RuralUMC: Rehobeth UMC

I found this rural United Methodist Church while helping my mother care for my aunt and uncle. My uncle wanted barbecue from this church’s annual barbecue. He informed me that while his Baptist church quit using wood in their cooker and switched to charcoal, this church continued to use hickory wood in cook their pork.

The barbecue was good. The fries needed salt. The dessert was wonderful.

I believe I met a member of this church years back in high school when I was going through Local Church Lay Speaker training, as I explored my calling to ministry. Pretty sure he as a nice guy. The building is mall, but they appeared to have a lot of people out and about working for their fundraiser.

It sits on Rehobeth Church Road, which runs from Highway 226 between Shelby and Polkville all the way past my Aunt and Uncle’s road. The church is between my Aunt and Uncle’s and 226.


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