Rural Resource Highlight: Rural Matters Podcast


Several people have asked me to begin compiling a list of rural resources, So I wanted to get started on that. I am in no way the expert on rural studies and I am slowly gathering new information, books, and resources. However, I want to start with a podcast instead of a book, mainly because I have a few books I want to review and a pile to work with, and the podcast is an easy start.

Rural Matters Podcast with John White

I stumbled upon this podcast a few weeks back while looking for something to listen to when I was driving around running errands but that was related to my work. They are only a few episodes in and there is already some excellent content. I’ve listened to several episodes, and the one that stands out to me is currently: Mental Health Best Practices with Kari Owen. The episode speaks to the nuances of mental health in rural schools and communities. Lack of resources and staff become a major issues, and school mental health providers must improvise through such activities as conflict resolution education for staff and students. What it does is push beyond the traditional school psychologist model of diagnosing one student at a time to training teachers and students in how to deal with issues. Mental health in rural communities is greatly lacking, and this opens up some interesting ideas, and may even lead to new possibilities.

Churches partnering with schools to promote mental health, show community support, and even provide the space and time to engage in education around conflict, community, respect, and awareness could also greatly help.

Each episode makes me think! I recommend this podcast! Once I have a few recommendations, I’ll start a page on the blog to help!

Find the podcast on Stitcher, Itunes, YouTube, and here:

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