Stumble Upon a #RuralUMC: Lee’s Chapel

I don’t know a whole lot about Lee’s Chapel UMC. I cannot find it on the Western North Carolina Find-A-Church or the District listings. I’ll have to inquire into. The very small, very old looking church (with two outhouses out back) sits on the line between Rutherford and Cleveland County on Highway 226. I pass it regularly on my way to my parents’ house. It is where cellphone service usually returns on my way to their house (it goes out near Golden Valley UMC).

I stopped this day to take pictures because I was on my way back home after helping my mom care for my Aunt and Uncle and I was tired and felt like stretching my legs. My mom was working hard to take care of her sister without power. My aunt is on oxygen, a diabetic, and has trouble standing and walking. A neighbor brought a generator and my sister and I took turns helping my mom. I brought a corded phone, got the phone working again after a weird interaction with AT&T and brought a heater. I also got them several meals, brought ice to keep the insulin and drinks cold, and brought my mom an air mattress to sleep on.

They have power now, things are fine, but it was a weird few days back in October.

I plan to research this little church more, and find out more information. Will update you.


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