Church Collaborative Feeding – What comes next!

carrots and sprouts

This is the third and final evaluative post on the collaborative feeding project our local churches worked on together. None of the pictures are of the actual food we served. This week we served smoky peanut butter chicken tacos, corn on the cob, cherries, and grapes. For my previous two posts scroll down!

I chose the picture of the slow cooker with veggies, because this process is slow and takes time, but we also know something delicious will be at the end. People were already talking about what we could do next, whether it is a through the year program with a once a month meal for the community, cooking classes, or even simply expanding this for next summer. All of these sound amazing. This is what I hoped for when I took this on, imagination.

We worked together, talked, spent time getting to know each other, and now we can dream together. New ideas bubble to the surface. We will meet next week for a fuller evaluation, but that people want to do more is a success for me!

In ministry, I feel like success is felt when the Holy Spirit is present not just throughout, but in the reflection, pushing and pulling us to move further into this ministry. What that looks like, I do not know. The future is for the group to decide under the Spirit’s guidance.



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