Church Collaborative Feeding – Offering an Experience


Yesterday our church collaborative (currently one each of AME, Episcopal, PC(USA), and UMC congregations) served its first meal. We prepped and provided ham a cheese quiche (the one pictured above has kale – which we did not serve) along with roast broccoli and cut up watermelon and cantaloupe. It was a well received meal. There were some hiccups with the weather, but we made  it work. We also provided a meal box with the ingredients for the quiche, a steamer bag of broccoli, and a box of cherries. In each box we also put a recipe card for the quiche, a collection of conversation starters, and a dinner prayer.

I feel like this steps beyond the simple meal or food box program. We are hoping to provide a repeatable experience. This allows for not only feeding but the ability to at least reproduce the meal. My hope is that it gives them the tools to create a meal and time with their family. I know it isn’t much, but I think its a move in the right direction. Part of my “remembering” process is providing the space and tools for allowing people to imagine and create new experiences. When people take time to imagine and create, they often thrive more. This can be as simple as cooking creatively, knitting, crocheting, and simple art. I know a recipe card and some eggs are not earth shattering, but I hope it provides some glimpses of hope.

My thought process is that this might serve as the beginning of a craft discipleship pedagogy, such as the one Tex Sample suggests. The craft traditions involves a theology which is practical and creative. Through creation, people and communities develop new ways of being and interacting with the world.

More to come.



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