Looking for Book Suggestions for #UMC history and doctrine


I am teaching United Methodist History and United Methodist Doctrine in the fall, and find my current syllabus lacking in some of the topics I list below. If you have suggestions for books or articles (print or online) which would help with these topics, please let me know:
-The History and Doctrine regarding Deacons, Deaconnesses/Home Missioners, and Diakonia in the UMC and its predecessors
-The history of the formation of Central Conferences as well as autonomous affiliate conferences, particularly in the 21st Century
-The history of the denomination’s relations with people of color and indigenous people both in the US and abroad.
-LGBTQ/Queer history and theology of a Wesleyan/Methodist bent.
-Something which covers Methodist history after 1938, and particularly the last half of the 20th and into the 21st century.
-A history of the general boards and agencies of the UMC

-A  history of the UMC’s ecumenical history (Sunday School Movement, World and National Council of Churches, World Methodist Council, etc.)

Thank you in advance!


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